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Albert Barkley

How to Retain Presence of Mind and Focus in the Class

3 min read

Being in class is such an exciting time isn’t it. You get to learn and be a part of so many people’s daily lives, some of them might be your friends. The constant interaction with your teachers, and learning new and revealing things from them. Yes class can be an amazing experience. However, sometimes you feel like you are losing your focus in class. Your mind seems to wander off to other thoughts and leave you unable to concentrate on the work at hand. You can get in trouble with your teacher over this and can affect your learning.  This lack of attention even shows in your regular work like dissertation writing. So how to retain your presence of mind in class and sharpen your focus? Read on for a few insightful tips:

  • Engage in class activities and discussions, this can help you keep busy and your mind alert to what’s going on in the class. Ask your teacher questions about things that you don’t understand or the things that you find interesting. This back and forth will keep you from losing focus in class.
  • Engage in healthy activities like going to a gym, taking a walk and doing regular cardio. Regular exercises raises your blood oxygenation level that can help increase your focus in class. It’s recommended that you at least do the walking or running well before your class so that by the time you get to class, your mind is alert and fresh.
  • Don’t forget to breathe during class. No we do not mean regular breathing. Of course no one stops breathing, what we mean is that take deep breathes like in breathing exercises during class. Deep breathes also oxygenate your blood and keeps your mind fresh.
  • Another bane of your attention in class is never ending homework like dissertations writing. Homework that is written work can stress out your mind and if it’s lengthy, it can force you to stay up late which can lead to loss of sleep. This can result in sleepiness during class. A solution for this is to hand your work like dissertations over to dissertation writing services and feel free from all the lengthy written work.
  • Give your mind some rest, between classes, and after you’re done with classes. Between classes you can engage in activities with your friends and help your mind relax and feeling refreshed for the next class. The main focus here is to not think about your work while you’re taking a break, take it easy, relax, because that’s what the break is really for. For after class you can engage in fun activities that you enjoy doing and  just let go of all the class work and homework troubles for a while. Go to a party, plan an outing with your friends or family. Again concentrate on the activity and not your work.


We hope you found these few tips useful and will work on them to keep your focus in class.