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Albert Barkley

How To Revise Without Making Notes?

3 min read

Revising all the subject is very difficult to time for the students in the exams. Some students make notes to revise all the books. However, making notes is another difficult task for all the students. Every student feels stress in the exams days. Most students do not know how to revise without making notes. You can revise without making notes, it can release your exams stress. You may feel better to know that you can revise without making notes. It will most helpful for you in exams days especially when you buy dissertation online. A revision period can give you good grades in the examination. It can save your academic year. Here are some methods you should follow to revise without making notes.

Organization your revision 

  • First of all, find a place to study. You should find a peaceful place for revision. It will leave a good impact on your mind. A quiet and well-lit place is the sign of concentration in the study. You will be feeling free from disturbance.
  • Keep yourself out of media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • According to science, our brain works better if we are a little cold. Therefore, you should feel the cold mood.
  • Next most important plan is that you should plan a timetable for your working hours. If you are working according to the timetable then you will be able to make clear goals for each revision session.
  • You can tick a list for your timetable. 
  • Always set reasonable targets of the day. Do not thing coving the whole book in a day. You should make a proper plan for your revision.
  • You should make a routine to read daily for revision.

Revising actively

  • If you want to revise without making notes, you should highlight the main points on the book. It is a most important and beneficial point for you.
  • Recall and summarize in every minute to what you have read.
  • Always make a habit to read a short summary. You should make short sentences in your reading habit. It can give you good grades in your examination. 
  • An active revision can save your academic year.
  • Try to find someone who knows nothing about your subject and topic. You should discuss all the detail about your topic. It will be helpful for you. If you did not find anyone for talking, you can use a mirror for explaining your topic. 
  • Remember that you should take breaks to boost your concentration. Do not waste energy and time with an over-tired mind.

Finding support to revise without making notes

  • You should try to talk to your teachers and professors for support.
  • A teacher can help you in revision.
  • You should listen to an audio lecture for revision
  • You can record the entire lecture that you attend the class. It is an easy way to revise without making notes.
  • For final revision, share all the detail with your classmate. 
  • You should revise the entire topic with your friend.