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Albert Barkley is a professional academic writer who is working with The Academic Papers UK. He has experience of many years and since he is providing Dissertation Writing Services and Assignment Writing Services in UK, he has gained lot of knowledge about learning new trends in article writing and academic writing.

Albert Barkley

How LinkedIn is Useful for University Students?

4 min read

LinkedIn for StudentsThere is a ton of disarray identifying with LinkedIn. A few people consider it to be an online media organization while others see it as a vocation board. The two suspicions are right partially in any case, dissimilar to Facebook, LinkedIn is more equipped towards experts and not at all like most employment sheets, LinkedIn accomplishes something other than permitting you to look for openings. LinkedIn is a priceless asset for students yet to help persuade you, here are the best five reasons as shared by a dissertation help firm why each student ought to be on LinkedIn.

Excelling in any profession is as much about whom you know, all things considered about what you know. Start by interfacing with your friends and your college instructors, at that point branch out into the business that you need to work in. No one can tell when an association will prove to be useful and the greater your system, the more possibility you have of being alluded to at work job. While LinkedIn is about significantly more than simply looking for occupations, it is still fantastically valuable with regards to finding your next position – which makes LinkedIn especially helpful for students. You can program LinkedIn to send you work cautions for specific organizations, businesses or explicit occupation titles, so you'll never pass up an extraordinary open door again.

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Nowadays, when you go after a position, your forthcoming boss will not hesitate to direct a web search into you. Students regularly get unfavorable criticism over their online media nearness, so by having a LinkedIn account as a student, you can show a totally extraordinary side to yourself. Having a LinkedIn account permits organizations to discover you effortlessly and, in particular, to discover the data that you need them to discover. Meetings are consistently nerve-wracking yet by having a record on LinkedIn, you can direct your own examination into the organization, and the business, so you can go into your meeting feeling as set up as could reasonably be expected. Having a LinkedIn account as a student demonstrates that you are committed to seeking after a profession. By being explicit in your outline and interfacing with individuals in the field that you'd prefer to wind up in, you demonstrate that you're investing the energy and exertion required to prevail in your picked profession.

LinkedIn is the main stage which can help you unmistakably characterize every one of your abilities and Experience. It Helps you in building you your very own and expert brand and features your experience and subject matter at a worldwide Platform. It offers you a chance to transform connections into open doors as you get an opportunity to get associated with different businesses and it relies upon your exercises on how much impact you can leave on them and accept the greatest open door to progress in your vocation. It additionally causes you to get more bits of knowledge as far as getting ready for different meetings and readers' opportunities to be refreshed with the most recent patterns occurring in your craving market. LinkedIn gloats more than 280 million clients, and most likely less than half of them are effectively looking for work. LinkedIn isn't only a job board – however, it gives a great job search highlight and scout administrations takes up the greater part of their yearly income.

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Much the same as Google alerts, once you make your record on LinkedIn, you can set email alarms to get notices of suggested jobs. You will have the option to consider being when you sign into your LinkedIn accounts. LinkedIn offers you a chance to interface and system with experts all around the world. There are different gatherings according to the segments which additionally won't just assist you to arrange yet in addition to get numerous data's identified with your industry and zone important to summarize it I can simply say it will give an immense information bank which will assist you with developing in since quite a while ago run. Perhaps the greatest advantage LinkedIn extends to undergrads and employment opportunity searchers is that they can look at the pages of their focused on bosses. By visiting organization pages, you can direct an examination on the whereabouts of the organization, the recruiting cycle and what individuals need to state about that association. This sort of organization research on LinkedIn can generally keep a stay in front of your opposition and builds your utilization capacity. LinkedIn has a feature that allows other people to recommend you. The person with more recommendations has the benefit of attracting more employers.

Albert Barkley

How to Find the Most Competent Writer for Writing the Best Essay for You

3 min read

If you are a student who has been assigned an essay writing task and you feel unable to work on it all by yourself, it is important that you look for a competent writer who can do a good job on your paper and help you succeed in class with highest marks. No matter in which part of the world you live or study, working on your assignment is an important part of the academic routine and you must take it very seriously because the only way you will be able to get your degree on time.

The best thing for you to do in this regard is to find a competent and reliable writer who understands your need for a company and custom paper and helps you submit it to the teacher.  The Internet is full of professional as well as competent writers who provide students a chance to submit the most top quality and custom assignments to their teachers and succeed in class with good results. Here are some tips by essay writing services UK for you that will help you find the most competent as well as capable writer who will help you present the best paper to the teacher for highest grades.

The first and the mostimportant thing for you to do in this regard is to make sure that you ask around and see which writers you get recommended by others. The best thing about seeking recommendations is thatyou will come across a writer who is professional, reliable as well as capable enough of handling your essay and help you succeed in class without experimenting and getting into trouble.

Make sure that you always ask the writer for a sample essay as it will not only save you time and money but also a lot of frustration in the long run. There are many students how make the mistake of just talking to the writer without knowing about his or her writing skills and when they get the essay, they are utterly disappointed as it is just not up to the mark.When you ask for samples, you get to see how the writer has conducted researched, written and presented the paper and if this is the person who is most suitablefor writing your essay too.With this process, you will be able to understand which writer is most competent and if he or she can handle your essay writing task.

You can find the most competent writer to workon your essay writing assignment if you talk to the writer and checkout how well he or she understands what type of essay you are looking for and has ample knowledgeand understanding of the subject and topic. It is no use assigning a history related essay to someone who has studied math as he or she will not be able to do work on it the right way. It is important that you act smartly and make a wise decision that helps you succeed in class.

Albert Barkley

Special Concession From Assignment Writing Services Available

3 min read

To write an assignment is always a daunting task especially for the new students. The common problems that are faced by the students during the assignment writing task are to find out the suitable thesis statement, to find out the best and relevant references, to find out the relevant content, to use the proper language, and to manage the time for the assignment writing task. Due to these difficulties, most of the students try to get help from the best assignment writing services. You should try to get help from the UK-based assignment writing service because they are providing special concessions to the students. By availing these special concessions, it will be easy for the students to find out the best solutions to their assignments at the most affordable prices. 

If you place an order to your assignment whose length is 250 to 5000 words, then you will be able to get 5% discount. On the other hand, if the length of your assignment is from 5250 to 10,000 words, then you will be able to achieve 10% discount. If you want to achieve 15% discount, then the length of your assignment should be greater than 10,000 words. Another important quality of this writing service is that they don’t have any kind of the hidden charges like the other services. After achieving these special concessions, there is no need to worry about the quality of the work. Its reason is that this assignment writing service has a good fame among the students and they can compromise on the price but they never compromise on the quality of the work. They will provide you with the best quality work in order to maintain their standard.

After placing an order to your assignment, along with these special concessions, you can also enjoy some special offers of this writing service. In these special offers, you can get the free title page, work cited pages are also available free of cost, in the case of any problem you can revise your assignment for unlimited times, these unlimited revisions are also freely available, and you can also enjoy the formatting of your assignment free of cost. On the other hand, if you are going to get the same assignment from any other assignment writing service, then you will have to pay for all of these things. Moreover, you will also not be able to achieve these special concessions. Due to these reasons, your assignment will become costly.

Along with these concessions and offers, these assignment writing services also provide some guarantees to the students. In these guarantees, first of all, there comes the 100% risk-free money-back guarantee. Due to this guarantee, if your work is not written according to your desires, then all of your money will be returned. Secondly, there comes the 100% plagiarism free guarantee. It means that their expert writers will try to write your assignment with the help of unique and original content. Thirdly, there comes the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Fourthly, they provide a guarantee that your work will be completed before the deadline. In short, we can say that they provide us with the best solutions to our assignments at the most affordable prices.

Albert Barkley

Importance of Dissertation Guidelines in Writing Dissertation

3 min read

When you are asked to write a dissertation, then some guidelines to write a dissertation are also given. It is necessary for you to follow these guidelines in order to get the good grades. Moreover, these guidelines are also necessary for us. First of all, we will need to select a title for the dissertation. Your supervisor will provide you some guidelines to select an interesting topic for your dissertation. You can get these guidelines from your supervisor, senior professors, senior students and also from the expert dissertation writers.

After selecting an interesting topic for your dissertation, it is also necessary for you to write a winning dissertation proposal. This dissertation proposal should be written in the professional structure. If you are a fresh dissertation writer, then you don’t have any idea how to write your dissertation proposal in the professional structure. In this regard, these guidelines are very important for you. With the help of these guidelines, you will be able to know the answers to the following questions;

  • How to write the dissertation proposal in the professional structure?
  • What are the main sections of the dissertation proposal?
  • What should be the length of the dissertation proposal?
  • How to choose the theme, title and question of the dissertation proposal?

After selecting an interesting topic for your dissertation, you will need to write the dissertation. This is possible only, if you are able to conduct an effective research. These guidelines are also very necessary for you to conduct an effective research. With the help of these guidelines, you will be able to know these things;

  • Make a timeline for the research stage
  • Find a right place to look for the sources
  • You should be able to organize your resources
  • You will also be able to find the valid sources for your dissertation

After collecting the data for your dissertation, it is also necessary for you to write a mind-blowing dissertation. Most of the students are not able to write the dissertation in the professional structure. In this regard, they can get help from the guidelines that are provided to you in order to write the dissertation. With the help of these guidelines, you will able to know the following things;

  1. How to make an outline?
  2. How to write the introduction for your dissertation?
  3. How to write the literature review for your dissertation?
  4. How to write the findings and results in your dissertation?
  5. How to write the conclusion for your dissertation?
  6. In short, you will be able to know each and every thing about your dissertation.

When you are asked to write a dissertation, then a deadline for the submission of the dissertation is also given. It is also a difficult task for the students to write the dissertation before this deadline. These guidelines will provide you help in order to manage the time for your dissertation. These are the benefits of dissertation guidelines in writing the dissertation.

Albert Barkley

Virtual Reality is Helping Teachers to Make Classroom Better

5 min read

Virtual Reality is Helping TeachersA simulated experience that shows similar or different results from the real world is known as virtual reality. Nowadays, we are using virtual reality for various purposes like entertainment. It is also possible for us to use virtual reality in the classrooms. No doubt, this is very expensive technology but there are still some applications of this technology that are easily affordable for the educators. Here, we will discuss how virtual reality is helping the teachers to make the classroom better.

Visualize Mathematics:

The knowledge of mathematics is very helpful for us to solve lots of real-life problems. While learning mathematics, most of the students think that there is no relationship between mathematics and real life. Nowadays, the teachers are able to decrease this gap in the knowledge by immersing visualizations of the mathematical problems. For example, to understand algebra is a real problem for the students. With the help of VR technology, it is easy for the teachers to deliver concepts relevant to algebra with the help of virtual objects. By using whiteboard and marker, it is not possible for the teachers to draw all the angles of geometrical shapes because there are some geometrical shapes that are three dimensional and a whiteboard is two dimensional. Under such situation, teachers are also using VR technology because it is three-dimensional technology and with the help of this three-dimensional technology, it is easy for the students to clearly understand all the geometrical shapes. By using VR technology, teachers are also allowing the students to think about these problems logically.

Take Virtual Field Trips:

If you are studying the students about cultures and geographic importance of some distant places, there is a possibility that they will not be able to understand about these cultures and geographical importance of these distant places efficiently. Now, the only solution to this problem is that the teachers should arrange tours to these distant places. No doubt, to arrange tours for these distant places can create lots of problems for the students. Nowadays, teachers are able to find out the solution to this problem. It means that they are using virtual reality to explore these distant places and lands. With the help of help virtual reality, they can easily explore all the concepts about cultures and geographical importance of some distant places. As it is a visual way to understand different things, therefore, students also show engagement in the lesson. The use of virtual reality in the classrooms is not only changing the instructional methods of the students but these are also creating impressionable learning outcomes for the students. These kinds of trips are not only creating value in the subject knowledge but these trips are also encouraging the students to invest in their learning.

Take a Trip Back in The History:

For some students, to study history subject is a boring task. Its reason is that they can’t visualize the historical aspects of their practical life. Teachers have also solved this problem of the students by introducing virtual reality in the classrooms. For example, if a teacher is teaching the history of ancient people who lived in mud houses, it is possible for him to show the visuals of their houses with the help of virtual reality. After seeing their culture with the help of virtual reality, it will be easy for the students to learn these essential concepts about the history of ancient people. Not only this, they can also know the history of dissertation writing services well.

Use Creative Expression and Assessment:

Nowadays, it is also possible for teachers to involve the students in creative activities. For example, if a student is assigned to present a particular topic in the class with the help of slides, he will use all of his energies to finding data in order to prepare these slides. Moreover, after preparing these slides, teachers are also providing a creative method to explore their point of view with the help of a projector. Moreover, teachers are also introducing VR technology for the purpose of assessment in the classrooms.

Virtual Collaboration:

VR technology is also helpful for teachers and students to collaborate with themselves. That’s why teachers are also introducing this technology in the classrooms for collaboration. With the help of virtual technology, it is easy for the teachers and students to exchange knowledge with each other, to build a common understanding about the topic, to interpret the subject material and to explore the new ideas. There are some teachers who have introduced VR conferencing in their classrooms. VR conferencing is known as a unique method for the students and teachers to exchange knowledge with each other.

Assist Students with Disabilities:

Teachers have also introduced VR technology in order to assist disabled students. For example, they have created such an environment in the class that is helpful for disable students to practise some real-world skills. The disabled students are also able to visit those distant places with the help of VR technology that they are not able to visit in their practical lives. The students who are facing some sensory disorders are able to learn efficiently with the help of VR technology.

Prepare Students for Future Careers:

With the help of virtual reality, it is also possible for us to prepare the students for future careers. It means by using VR technology, it is easy for the students to explore new career opportunities. Virtual technology is also helpful for students to learn some specific tasks by taking part in a risk-free environment. The country which is facing skills gap can also get lots of benefits with the help of VR technology. Its reason is that VR technology is helpful for this country to provide essential skills to their students with the help of VR technology. Nowadays, with the help of VR technology, it is also possible for us to bring some innovations in distance learning programs.

Albert Barkley

How To Revise Without Making Notes?

3 min read

Revising all the subject is very difficult to time for the students in the exams. Some students make notes to revise all the books. However, making notes is another difficult task for all the students. Every student feels stress in the exams days. Most students do not know how to revise without making notes. You can revise without making notes, it can release your exams stress. You may feel better to know that you can revise without making notes. It will most helpful for you in exams days especially when you buy dissertation online. A revision period can give you good grades in the examination. It can save your academic year. Here are some methods you should follow to revise without making notes.

Organization your revision 

  • First of all, find a place to study. You should find a peaceful place for revision. It will leave a good impact on your mind. A quiet and well-lit place is the sign of concentration in the study. You will be feeling free from disturbance.
  • Keep yourself out of media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • According to science, our brain works better if we are a little cold. Therefore, you should feel the cold mood.
  • Next most important plan is that you should plan a timetable for your working hours. If you are working according to the timetable then you will be able to make clear goals for each revision session.
  • You can tick a list for your timetable. 
  • Always set reasonable targets of the day. Do not thing coving the whole book in a day. You should make a proper plan for your revision.
  • You should make a routine to read daily for revision.

Revising actively

  • If you want to revise without making notes, you should highlight the main points on the book. It is a most important and beneficial point for you.
  • Recall and summarize in every minute to what you have read.
  • Always make a habit to read a short summary. You should make short sentences in your reading habit. It can give you good grades in your examination. 
  • An active revision can save your academic year.
  • Try to find someone who knows nothing about your subject and topic. You should discuss all the detail about your topic. It will be helpful for you. If you did not find anyone for talking, you can use a mirror for explaining your topic. 
  • Remember that you should take breaks to boost your concentration. Do not waste energy and time with an over-tired mind.

Finding support to revise without making notes

  • You should try to talk to your teachers and professors for support.
  • A teacher can help you in revision.
  • You should listen to an audio lecture for revision
  • You can record the entire lecture that you attend the class. It is an easy way to revise without making notes.
  • For final revision, share all the detail with your classmate. 
  • You should revise the entire topic with your friend.

Albert Barkley

Why Outline And Headings Are Important For a Great Blog Post

3 min read

A blog post is an essential piece of writing that is necessary to publish on a blog. An outline of a blog post provides a chance to the students to organize their ideas and information about the title of the blog post. The title of a blog post is known as its heading. One can easily prepare an outline for a blog post by narrowing down the title, by identifying the clear purpose of a blog post, by knowing your intended audience, and by assembling your supporting material. If you are not able to write an intriguing blog post, then you can get help from expert writers of the coursework writing services. The importance of an outline and heading of a blog post is explained below;

Importance of Outline for a Blog Post

  1. There are a lot of blog writers who don’t prepare an outline before writing a blog post. That’s why they are not able to create a monument of a blog post. There are a lot of benefits of preparing an outline for a blog post. Some of them are given below;
  2. An outline can make the writing process easier. Its reason is that when you are going to write a blog post by following an outline, then you get a clear idea about the main points that are necessary to discuss in a blog post. This thing is helpful for the students to create interest while creating a blog post.
  3. This outline can also make the reading process easier for the readers. Its reason is that when you write a blog post by following an outline, then it is easy for you to write a blog post in the best structure and format. Due to this reason, your blog post is easily comprehensible to the audience.
  4. The main aim of writing a blog post is to teach something or to provide some kind of message to the readers. An outline provides a chance to the blog writers to convey this message in a memorable way.
  5. After creating an outline, there is no possibility to omit some things accidentally in a blog post.
  6. An outline is also helpful for the blog writers to remove continuity errors from their blog posts.
  7. A blog post also ensures the symmetry in your writing.

Importance of Headings for a Blog Post:

The headings of a blog post should be intriguing and interesting. These headings are helpful for the writers in order to catch the attention of the audience. The importance of headings for a blog post is given below;

  1. These headings provide a clear idea to the audience about the main theme of a blog post.
  2. These headings can also become a cause of improving the traffic for a blog post from the best search engines.
  3. It is also helpful for the blog writers to engage the readers with the help of interesting and intriguing headings.
  4. These headings can also become a cause of excitement for the potential readers.
  5. The writers can also take an advantage of the curiosity of the people with the help of best headings that are used in a blog post.


Albert Barkley

Process Of Writing a PhD Thesis

3 min read

A thesis is an important piece of writing that presents the research and the findings of a student and it is submitted in order to get a degree or the professional qualification. The most important tip to write down the PhD thesis is to conduct the best quality research. There is a thesis committee that supervises the thesis of a student and it is an unavoidable thing for the students to write a PhD thesis according to the requirements and the guidelines of the thesis committee. Here, we will explain the complete process to a write a PhD thesis.

1)      Prepare a winning thesis proposal

To prepare the thesis proposal is the first step to craft the best quality thesis. The thesis proposal should be unique and it should set a stage to write down the thesis. It should also set a stage to conduct an effective research for your thesis. You can prepare a winning thesis proposal by selecting an exciting area of research, by selecting a balanced research, by formulating the well-defined research questions, by taking a glance on the current scope of your subject in the market, and by visualizing the best thesis proposal samples. After writing the winning thesis proposal, you should approve it from your supervisor.

2)      Conduct an effective research

After approving the thesis proposal from your supervisor, the next step is to conduct an effective research in order to gather the data for your thesis. The best tips to conduct an effective research are given below;

A)     First of all, you should formulate a list of all the possible research questions

B)      Secondly, you should select an appropriate research methodology

C)      Thirdly, you should make a list of the well-known resources to gather the data for your thesis

D)     You should also try to define an appropriate research strategy and a research plan

E)      Try to learn the best tips to remove plagiarism issues from your thesis

If you are not able to conduct an effective research for your thesis, then you can get help from the PhD thesis writing services.

3)      Write a mind-blowing thesis

After conducting an effective research in order to gather enough data for your thesis, the next step is to analyze that data and try to keep only data which is relevant to the topic of the thesis. Now, it’s time to write down the unique and original content of your thesis by formulating the best outline. You should try to write the thesis in the best structure and format. The best structure and format should consist of the introduction, the literature review, the research methodology, findings and outcomes, conclusions, and bibliography. Along with these important chapters of your thesis, you should also write down the other preliminary pages like title page, abstract, dedication page, and table of contents etc.

4)      Proofread the thesis like a pro

 Once, you have finalized the thesis writing process, you should try to proofread the thesis like a pro. Self-proofreading is not enough to get assurance about the best quality of your thesis. Therefore, you should also try to get feedback from the experts in this regard and get the assurance that your PhD thesis is written in the best structure and format.

Albert Barkley

Best Ideas and Tips for the Health and Social Care Dissertation Topics

3 min read

If you are a student who has been assigned a dissertation writing task on health and social care and you need to work out the topics, it is important that you take this assignment seriously and work on it the best way. No matter in which part of the world you live or study, working on your health and social care dissertation topics so that you are able to work the best way on your paper and write a good paper on your own.

Image result for a professional structure the essay UK

Health and social care dissertation topics are not easy to handle as it can become very tough for you to understand what the subject is all about and how it should be handled the best way. Coming up with the best topics on health and social care topics can be really hard for student because when they are studying, they have no idea how to understand things in such a manner that it becomes easy for them to come up with topics on their own as they do not pay enough attention to work things out.


This article is a guide for students and provides them with the best tips and ideas to develop health and social care dissertation topics.


·         The first and the most important thing for students to do in this regard is tomake sure they understand the health and social care subject that they are studying as it will make things easy for them and they will be able to think about topics that suit their subject and work in a better manner.


·         When they are thinking about dissertation topics for health and social care studies, they must keep in mind the purpose of their paper and which audience it is targeting. When they know who the readers are, how their paper should have an impact on them and what message should they come across, the students will be able to do a good job on selecting the topics.


·         Another great idea for coming up with the best social care and health dissertation topics is studying about it and getting to know how people have worked out their topics. This means the students must check out books as well as other internet resources to make sure that they understand how these topics have been developed and if they deliver the significance of the subject. This will provide student a lot of incentive in writing a good paper when they have the right topic all worked out.


·         When it comes to choosing the right topics and writing a top quality and brilliant dissertation on them, it is necessary that students dedicate some time and attention to this task as it cannot be done with a snap of their fingers. They must sit and think about what their teachers are asking them to do so that they can plan and do a better job on their assignment to succeed in class.



These tips and ideas for health and social care dissertation topics are meant to guide students and provide them a chance to excel in class. 

Albert Barkley

How to Write a Dissertation When You Have Two Jobs

3 min read

This is a common thing in UK that students have several jobs as there are not just locals studying in UK but there are also people coming in from different countries. Students work hard in their institutes and then at work as well. With the jobs and other day to day challenges they meet, it is quite difficult to tackle the academic challenges life throws at them. One of the most highlighted challenges is the dissertation writing, which is considered to be the most difficult job there is for a student since the beginning of time.


Dissertation writing is massive work that involves research. Coming up with unique and original strategies and then conducting the research to prove the existence of the problem and figuring out the possible solution of these problems. The students who write dissertation deal with a lot of challenges because there are simply too many things to take care of. First there is the need to find an original topic, something that has never been written about before, then the objective behind as to why you have selected the topic for your research and then several stages of figuring out which method would suit you and which structure to follow.


There are simply too many things and very little time for the dissertation writing for an average student. Now, the students who have jobs, they hardly get enough rest after their work and classes at their institute, and then they face the ever feared dissertation writing challenge which is feared by many. To write a dissertation you must dedicate yourself to the work and do nothing in order to pass the dissertation at once. a lot of people fail in their dissertation writing just because they were unable to focus on their work and research because they had a lot of other things to do including work.


All of these problems combined and then emerged the dissertation writing help for the students who have jobs and then they have their dissertation writing. Now, the people who do not want to spend a lot of time on their research after they are back home from a stressful day at work, they hire dissertation writing services and get their dissertation done by these services. Most people who hire dissertation writing services owe their success to these companies and they would always recommend them.


The work that these services do can’t be compared by any student’s work. These companies are reliable and they are very responsible which is why ever since students have started taking their help, there has been an increase in successful students. The help given by these services have made the lives of the students easier by making dissertation writing process easy. So now all the students who work and who juggle work and education, they don’t have to fear dissertation writing as now they have the best option available. The students can easily afford these services and everyone can now be successful.